Tap into your venue’s potential with a proven sales and marketing System that will grow your venue business like never before. 

Your Owner’s Manual to a Profitable Wedding Venue Business

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Tap into your venue’s potential with a proven sales and marketing System that will grow your venue business like never before. 

Our award-winning team has created the effective sales and marketing systems used to book more than $17 million since our opening in 2014.  We use these systems to book out venue calendars for the Treasury Venue Collection and Venue Profit Pro’s consulting venues.

You don't have to figure it all out from scratch.

Tap into your venue’s enormous potential with a venue sales and marketing plan that works. 

Our strategies are grounded in years of experience as venue owners and decades of experience in Sales & Marketing in small business and corporate America. Our venues have increased bookings every year, including during the downturn of the wedding industry in 2020-2021.

Get the keys to our business success with a venue owner’s guide to building a profitable venue. In our programs, we are sharing the actual templates that we use in our business. With our experience to rely on, you can achieve the success and profitability your venue is capable of. 

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Our proven sales and marketing strategies have helped us to continually grow in revenue. In our programs, we share the thought process, policies, procedures, and templates that we have used to great success. You will be able to easily adapt these materials to fit the needs of your venue. And we aren’t going to leave you with the keys and run.

It takes most venues years to figure out and optimize each step of the sales and marketing journey.

Our team of industry experts will guide you step-by-step in how to make these strategies work for you.

This program will give you everything you need to quickly achieve bookings, grow your business, and increase your profits.

The Venue Profit Pro marketing plan will cut that time in half (or more!)

The Venue Profit Pro program was developed by the same sales and marketing experts behind the success of the Treasury Venue Collection.

In this program, you will have access to their hard-earned wisdom and practical guidance to help you take your business to the next level.

The Treasury Venue Collection

The Treasury Venue Collection represents two of the most sought-after special event and wedding venues in St. Augustine, Florida - The Treasury on the Plaza and The Lightner Museum.

These consistently five-star rated venues have been beloved by couples and their guests since first opening in 2014. So much so that bookings have increased every year. Yes, even during the downturn of the wedding industry in 2020-2021 we increased our bookings!

In this program, the Sales and Marketing experts behind The Treasury Venue Collection offer their wisdom and practical guidance to help you elevate your venue. 

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The Treasury Venue Collection system helped us more than double our wedding venue bookings in the very first month we used it!

As a first year wedding venue, using this system and all the many resources provided, have shortened the learning curve for us on achieving successful venue sales.

The Treasury Venue Collection system helped us more than double our wedding venue bookings in the very first month we used it!

Co-OWNER & Investor
Lady Castlehawk Venue

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Lindsay Ohlin

Their system has successfully targeted desirable client leads and significantly increased their bookings each year. Their wedding venue business has an incredible demand for its services year round. Now that they are offering their expertise with the Venue Profit Pro, wedding venues should take the opportunity to significantly grow their business.

The Treasury Venue Collection has grown in leaps and bounds since opening in 2014. 


Chad Bordelon

Tom's unique down to earth pointed perspective comes from first hand knowledge from visiting thousands of venues across the country and running two wedding venues in Florida. He shared what works for those venues and tweaked it to fit my unique needs. Tom and his team have taken the same knowledge I successfully used and combined it with the proven sale and marketing system of The Treasury Venue Collection to help all venues achieve higher sales and profits year over year just like I did.

Tom Chelednik and I have worked together for over ten years, and his knowledge of wedding venue sales and marketing is vast and beneficial.


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Carolyn Mantone

Tom was the founder of delivering consumer marketing insights from The Knot and customizing content that local venues could use to better market to the wedding industry. Ultimately this led to our venue partners being able to increase their leads, convert those leads into bookings and overall become more profitable. Tom has made countless connections with venues across the US and recently became the COO of one of the largest venue groups in NE Florida where he has gained additional experience on the consumer side of the venue business. In this role Tom has been able to implement systems and processes to generate additional revenue streams for these venues.

Tom is well versed in operations and marketing making him a valued educator & expert within our field.  


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