Discover yours with OUR Venue Sales Style QUIZ

Discover the Power Behind Your Venue Sales Style

Plus, Where You Can Make Improvements to Increase Profitability

Whether you’re an Event-Planning Pro or a Sales-First Strategizer, every wedding venue owner has a superpower that helps them stand out from the rest. 

Are you the one couples trust to be on top of all the details so their big day goes off without a hitch?

Or maybe you’re a natural at building relationships with your clients and delivering the wedding of their dreams?

Or do you have venue tours down to a science that leaves every couple who walks through your doors excited to book with you?

When you have an understanding of your current sales style, you can learn what is great about that style so you can be the best wedding venue sales and marketing expert you can be.

Growing your wedding venue business begins with an accurate view of yourself as the leader.

 The Venue Sales Style ASSESSMENT can help you view yourself objectively to identify (and celebrate!) the areas where you are excelling.

Imagine being known as the go-to event expert who can bring a couple’s dream to life while taking the stress of planning off their shoulders. 

Imagine feeling confident at every point in the selling process - from finding leads to booking weddings to building a network of satisfied, loyal clients.

The Venue Sales Style Assessment will highlight your strengths - because you didn’t make it this far by accident!

But it will also help you uncover what might be holding you back from unlocking your venue’s full potential as a successful and profitable business. It’s easier to determine your next steps when you have a clear picture of where you are now.

Use the Wedding Venue Sales Style Assessment to discover where you are on the journey to becoming the leader your venue needs.

Unleashing your potential for wedding venue sales is a journey.

When you determine where you are now, you can unlock opportunities to continue to grow yourself and your business.


Running a successful wedding venue can sound simple. You just find a beautiful building, put the word out that it will be used to host events, and let the couples line up at the door. Right?

You know, as do we, that it’s more complicated than that. Even the most spectacular venue won’t sell itself. But when we’re in the thick of things, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where we need to be focusing our efforts. How do you ask for help with your venue bookings when you aren’t sure what the problem is?

Discovering your wedding venue sales style will help you build on your strengths and single out the issues that are keeping you stuck. You’ll get access to the same tools we’ve used with our highly successful and profitable wedding venues. There’s no need to start from scratch or figure it all out on your own. With a proven sales and marketing plan in place, you can simplify your life while taking your venue to the next level.


We’re the experts behind Venue Profit Pro, the proven program that offers sales help for venue owners and sales team leaders like you.


These words should not define your life. And all too often, sales training for venues is too general. Half of it you’re already a pro at, while the other half remains unclear, and often leaves you on your own to figure it out. You may walk away with some great ideas, but you’re left unsure of how to make them work for your business.

When you identify your venue sales style, you can see exactly where you’re excelling and how to build on those strengths. 

The Do-It-All Dynamo is a powerhouse. You see work that needs to get done, and you know the buck stops with you—so you jump in and make things happen. Where the Do-It-All Dynamo can struggle is in learning to delegate and rely on others. Are you nodding your head?


The Cautious Closer thrives working in the wedding industry. You love the ins and outs of the business and enjoy networking with others in the space. Where the Cautious Closer can struggle isn’t the delivery of amazing service and experience, it’s in getting leads in the door and then getting those clients to sign a profitable contract. Are your ears burning?


The Business-Minded Boss is a savvy business person at heart. You researched the industry, saw how profitable weddings can be, and made a considered choice to open a venue. Where the Business-minded Boss can struggle is when it comes time to capture the attention and the aspirational dreams of your ideal clients. Does this sound like you?


The Event Planning Pro can pull off an amazing event like nobody else, and that’s why your clients love you. Where the Event Planning Pro can struggle: When it comes to sales, you sometimes focus too much on what you’ll deliver, and less on what the benefit is for your venue. Is this you?


The Sales-First Strategizer is a natural at sales. You know what people want and you know how to have one-on-one conversations that turn into bookings. Where the Sales-First Strategizer can struggle isn’t actually sales - it’s getting leads in the door. Does this sound familiar?


We’ve found that venue owners and sales team members tend to fall into one of these five categories, each with their own struggles and strengths.

So what’s your venue sales style?

The Venue Sales Style Assessment will help you narrow your focus to what is going to help you book more weddings and bring in more revenue. If you’ve mastered the tour, maybe you need strategies for generating more leads. If your events are already spectacular, maybe some structured processes for closing sales would be more useful.

And after the quiz, we won’t leave you high and dry. We’ll guide you through the next steps to take to support you where you are, right now.

What is your venue sales style, and what opportunities await you for even bigger venue growth?

Find out below.

The Venue Profit Pro program came out of a desire to help other wedding venue owners and leaders avoid the costly process of creating effective sales and marketing systems from scratch.

What is Venue Profit Pro?

As the team behind the success of The Treasury Venue Collection, we were once exactly where you are now. We’ve spent years refining our strategies and developing the tools that have booked out the venue calendars for the Treasury Venue Collection and Venue Profit Pro’s consulting venues. When we started receiving requests for consulting from other venue owners, the idea for a sales training program for wedding venues was born.

What we’ve learned through our experience is that venue owners and sales teams trained in structured and replicable venue sales processes get results. They know how to get leads in the door and have a clear and actionable plan to close sales. They are able to simplify their systems and make them easy for new salespeople to learn. They are actually able to take a step back and enjoy running a profitable wedding venue.

We are proud to introduce you to a proven wedding venue sales training program that offers clarity and direction to venue owners and leaders just like you.

These systems were built on decades of experience in customer-facing entrepreneurship with tens of millions of dollars in revenue by the owners of The Treasury Venue Collection, and complemented by the expertise of the experienced venue management team they have built.

Let’s see where you are on your journey to developing your venue - and yourself - to The fullest potential!